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Nausea for months after gb removal

I have had gallbladder 3 months ago and have been having persistent nausea. Some days are good, others are not. The nausea started about 10 days after surgery, from reading on the blog this is NOT uncommon. My Primary Care Physician said it will take about 6-7 months for the nausea to dissipate. I am taking Vistirl and it helps, makes me sleepy
Dr. Pho has told people 5-6 months for vomiting green bile to end. For nausea and the symptoms of gallbladder removal to end; from a few days, few weeks, to a few months is common.
I do know everyone takes time to heal, my Primary thinks it is nothing but the side effects of my body adjusting to the gall bladder being removed.
I do have an appetite, but have the nausea 24/7. I have NOT thrown up. Again I have good days and then some bad days.
My doctor mentioned, since I was getting sick back in September of this year 2006, and they finally narrowed down to my gallbladder (chronically inflamed) that this was the cause of my back pain and SOME nausea.
I got a second opinion from a Harvard grad internest and he said the same thing if not up to a year.
He said sphincter of oddi would be causing me much more pain and discomfort. I feel good except for the nausea. Food does pass though pretty good. SO I am not worried about a motility disorder. My stools are good and brown. Sorry Too Much Info...

DO you agree with the nausea and fatigue to end in 6 months?

Please let me know, thanks

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