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Nausea for over a Year.

I've had this issue with my stomach for over a year now. I've been nauseous, had stomach pains from my diaphragm up in my chest in to my throat and up to the roof of my mouth. It comes in waves I'm good for a few weeks then I'm not so good for a few weeks. It never fully goes away just gets a little better. Tho it's never been this bad before.
Everyday I wake up feeling fine I have hypothyroidism so I take my meds as soon as I wake up, then a hour later I take my pain killers for a different issue. About 20 minutes later I get the taste of those pills in my mouth and it lasts until I eat something. And this is when things get really dicey. Doesn't matter when I eat, what I eat about thee bites in I want to puke. I stop drink a little water or something go have a bowel movement, then I can come back eat a little more then I have to go for another bowel movement. All this in less then 10 bites of food.
Some days I can have up near 20 movements most of which are solid but not always.
Eating a meal can take me 2 hours sometimes because I need to take so many brakes and I can only get down about half the size of a normal meal and usually I can only force myself to eat once a day. When I say force I mean it I haven't gotten hungry in months. I just eat food because I know I need to it's not good to starve yourself.
So after I finally get a meal down I'm ok for about an hour or two but then comes the taste in my mouth again of whatever I ate and the severe stomach pain cramping from the stomach up my chest in my back between my shoulder blades and in to my throat and those pains can last a few hours.
Like I said it comes in waves for months I'll seen almost normal I can eat a meal with no pain or nausea no bad taste in my mouth and I can even get in a second meal and even a snack or two then out of no where I have the stomach problems and they can last for months as well it's not like a flu that only lasts a few days I'm talking like 2 whole months.
I've had full GI upper and lower living in Canada I can see a doctor anytime I want and get as many tests as I like. They all come up normal and the doctor told me there was nothing psychically wrong with me and sent me to a damn shrink. After 4 months of that crap and some useless happy pills this doctor now tells me that I'm mentally sound and that it's not a eating disorder or some kinda or dysmorphic disorder and if I say there's something wring with my stomach then there's something wrong with my stomach. I just need some ideas to talk to my doctor about because he thinks I'm crazy.
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Hi, there is an entity called hiatal hernia, here the upper part of the stomach slides into the chest cavity through an opening in the diaphragm. This can cause problems after eating, nausea and vomiting. Check with your doctor regarding this. Another cause could be be GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease), where the acid contents of the stomach came up into the esophagus, this can cause nausea after eating and the sensation of regurgitation of food. This can be combated with antacids and lifestyle measures. Take frequent small meals. Eat dinner about two hours before sleeping. Elevate the head end of the bed. Keep a food diary and note down what aggravates your symptoms and avoid them. Ensure to maintain optimum weight by regular exercise. Avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications NSAID's, quit smoking, eliminate alcohol and reduce stress levels. These measures need to be practiced long term for results. Hope this helps!!
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A little, but I don't drink or smoke I'm allergic to ASA. I already keep a food diary I never eat within 4 to 6 hours of sleeping I portion, measure and weigh and calorie count everything I eat. I don't eat anything spicy or salty. No preserved or cured meats. I try to follow the Canada food guide as best I can. I have a thyroid disorder so weight is a issue for me. The problem is it has nothing to do with what I'm eating or when. It just seems to pick a day I can eat the same thing everyday for a month and some days it'll make me sick and others I'm fine. And like I said I feel sick but theirs never any vomiting. It's just a upset stomach and a lot of cramping I never noticed any burning or bile taste. I have tried antacids but I cant take them with my synthroid.
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I am no expert, but have a few ideas.  I have most of the same symptoms.  I was first diagnosed with gastroesophageal reflux disease for many years.  For about the last 6 years I have had chronic nausea, abdominal pain, distended abdomin, also get full fast.  Had gastric emptying study. Results came back and have diagnosis of gastroparesis.  My want to talk to your doctor to rule this out.  A lot of docs don't know much about disease.  Took 6 years for diagnosis.  Hope this helps.
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