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Neck Pain When Swallowing

Hi There,

I have been experiencing the same feeling, only by me it is at the side base of the neck (NOT in my throat), where my right shoulder meets my neck. It feels like a tight, pulling feeling at times, and like at hard painful lump other times. It is not able to be felt externally despite much poking and prodding. My physician says that it is not a lymph node, and that if it is a muscle it is a more internal one, since it can not be located from the outside.

(At times, I am tempted to not eat in order to avoid swallowing.)

Thankfully, I am otherwise feeling great - no weight loss, normal appetite, no fever, no headaches, etc.

A possible clue: There are some positions in which I do not feel the pain. Sometimes, when I turn my head all the way to the right where my chin is resting on the tip of my shoulder, I can swallow without feeling the sensation. I'm not sure if this information helps or complicates things.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.
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When did this start? Have you had any injury or was exercising hard?

If had position change helps, then it semms to be muscle related, since muscles on right side of the neck relax, when you turn head right. I would ask for appointment with rheumatologist or a specialist for sport medicine.
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