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Need Help! Acute Pancreatitis might be Pyloric Stenosis!!

Please!  My 31 yo son has been suffering with this illness for well over five (5) years now.  They have run most all the tests that the VA could run, but to no avail.  He is a great guy; a veteran, serving proudly in the US Air Force in Saudi Arabia.  He is a father of three great kids but can't work due to this acute and chronic problem that has no answer and no treatment.  He thinks that it could possibly be a collapsed vein or artery but whenever he has an episode and asks to get the MRI during his most painful time, they never do it and always treat him with tons of narcotics, leveling out his pain and then sending him home.  He has episodes every two to three months and has dropped in weight from 164 to 123!!  Please, can't someone who cares help my baby!?  If you met him you would all love him as much as I do!   Please, oh please, let someone call him and get this started for an appointment!  God bless you all for what you do for all of us less fortunate!
Sharon Johnson
Greg's Mom!!!

This discussion is related to Pyloric Stenosis in Adults.  Need Info..
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  What tests has he had done?  What are his symptoms?
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