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Need advice for my two year old please

When my daughter was less than a year old she had problems with constipation alot, now she is two years old and she does have a bowel every day,sometimes every other day, but they are rather large in size and so large that they are causing her to bleed sometimes when she uses the restroom. It isn't alot of blood, but  it is there. I am worried about whether it is normal for her to have bowels that are large and i mean like the size of an adults and if the bleeding is serious or not. My first daughter also had problems with constipation but never problems with her bowels being large or bleeding. I am not sure whether or not i should start giving her fiber or what. Any advice would help.
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My son had bowel movements like an adult when he was very young also. I think it had to do with his appitite or something, he used to eat a lot. A little more fiber surely couldnt hurt though to get things moving along better.
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You may want to consider soluble fiber instead of insoluble fiber and up her intake of fluids.
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