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Hello. I have been having stomach issues for about 5 weeks now. Abdominal bloating, excessive gas lound gas noises from stomach whenever I eat and it could go on for hours with gas. I've had constipation and fatigue. When I first got sick I was diagnosed with a gastrointestional virus. When it didn't go away two weeks later I went to another dr that said its due to stress and anxiety. I was def not satisfied with the anxiety answer and felt like there's something else going on. Now I notice a clear oil sheen floating on top of toilet after urinationg or having a bm for a week now that I've notived. I urinated in a cup and examined it my self I saw small white hair like particles that could be worms? Or maybe a very fine hair but everytime I urinate?? I also noticed a small white shiny kind of round thing and lots of white, what looks like skin cells. It smells sweeter than applejuice. I took a ketone test it showed up a small amount...any ideas what these symptoms sound lik
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it sounds exactley like uriny tract infection,if tastes like appljuice bottle it and start ur own buissness
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