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Nervous about bowel pain/problems

I am afraid.  I want to know just how proactive I will need to be in the near future.

Our health insurance was recently changed & we are in the process of starting a new policy on December first.  Until that time, I can't afford to do any more than absolutely necessary with doctor visits and tests.  I just spent $1000 more than I had for a procedure last week.  For any who are willing to read this, bare with me... I will relate the basics of my health problems & concerns.

Mar 06 - Had a child.  Between then and Nov 07 I gained about 40 lbs slowly

Nov 07 - Health began to get bad, various things - nerve pain down my back and leg at top of list.
Feb/Mar 08 - Concentrated on nerve problems, saw neurologist, just knew I felt really bad, had MRI's, doctors were (and are) considering MS - however, not enough clinical evidence to diagnose

July 08 - Abdominal & pelvic pains suddenly got worse.  I had abdominal adhesions twisting my bowels & kidney in 2002, so this concerned me.  Doctors just sent me to more doctors at this point.  Also began having yellow stool & diarrhea.

August 08 - ER because pelvic/abdominal pain suddenly got worse - they found fibroid on my uterus  ER doctors ignored the yellow stool.

Sept 08 - Saw OB/GYN, she was concerned about yellow stool, had CT scan done.  They found a cyst in my spleen (surgeon said not to be concerned).  She scheduled a D&C to remove fibroid.  Surgeon who I saw about spleen said to see a GI doctor, gave referral.  (yellow & gray looking diarrhea continued)

Oct 08 - Had D&C - doctor found polyp in uterus (said this is to blame for many of pains in pelvis), removed & sent for biopsy. I am awaiting results.

The D&C was October 29.  From then (when I took fleet and cleaned myself out then had surgery) until yesterday, November 2 I had not had a bowel movement.  I had a severe amount of gas pain for several days & no movement.  Finally yesterday I moved....... long, pencil thin (but brown for a change).  Looked like a tiny snake...

So, here I am terrified out of my wits wondering if I have colon cancer or something... and not able to afford to have the colonoscopy they want me to get scheduled (ASAP per the surgeon).......... I'm trying to postpone until I have the new insurance in place Dec 1.

So for any here who are knowledgeable, should I say hell with the insurance and get it scheduled or is a few weeks really going to make that much of a difference.


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