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Nervous about colonoscopy should I do it?

I’m 34 and my GI doctor wants me to have a colonoscopy because of my symptoms. My symptoms are itchy and pain sometimes when I use the bathroom. There is also blood on the tissue sometimes when I wipe myself. The itching is what bothers me the most. I could be walking down the street and it randomly start itching.

I was suppose to get a colonoscopy months ago and posted a thread on here about it months ago but never got the colonoscopy. A few weeks ago my butt was hurting me so bad that I had to go to the emergency room. They gave me Lidocaine there and it numbed the pain. My GI doctor wants me to do a colonoscopy this Friday. I am nervous and don’t know if I can go a whole day without eating. I’m 5’8 160 but just don’t know if I can go a whole day without eating. I’m also nervous about the prep drink too and 2 pills I have to take. The not eating part is bothering me.

When I went to the emergency room they gave me a stool sample and it was negative

I really don’t want this colonoscopy test cause of the reasons I mentioned and plus I think it’s hemms. The test is this Friday. Should I reschedule? Should I do this test?
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A colonoscopy is the ONLY way to rule out polyps or cancerous lesions in your colon.  Self-diagnosing the cause as hemorrhoids only isn't a great idea.  Yes, it will suck not being able to eat all day, but honestly, you'll be spending a lot of the time in the bathroom and probably won't have much of an appetite.  Get it over with so you can rule out serious problems.
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