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Besides the cost, is their truly a difference between Nexim and Prilosec.  The active components in Nexium are esomprazole magnesium and in Prilosec are Omeprazole Magnesium.  Also, Nexium comes in 20 mg and 40 mg capsules and Prilosec is sold over the counter in 20 mg tablets.

My GI switched me to Nexium because Aciphex gave me terrible side effects and Protonix made my water brash symptoms ever worse.  

I have tried Prilosec in the past and it didn't have much of an effect for me.  I'm just wondering what else I can do to alleviate my water brash symptoms.  It has been on-going for more than three months.  I can pretty eat anything I want(coffee, wine and pizza etc,etc) and my symptoms do not get better or worse after  I eat.  However, I am also taking Calcium supplements due to thinging bone density and I suspect the calcium could be aggravating my symptoms.  But I have not heard of any studies which indicate calcium is an aggravating factor in reflux.  My GI explained to me because the H. Pylori bacteria was eradicated by antibiotics and Aciphex my stomach is now in a hyper acidic state and this is causing the water brash. Has anyone heard of this as a reason for water brash.  I have read water brash is caused because of "minor" acid reflux.  This means a small of acid backs up into the esophagus and the salivary glands as a defensive measure produces excess saliva and in some cases the sinuses produce mucos?  Does this make any sense? Therefore, I need to just reduce the amount of acid in my stomach and the water brash symtpoms will subside(God I hope so).  

I hope he is right. I pretty much spit frothy saliva every few minutes all day and all night.  It is getting really bothersome.
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Personally, I like Nexium.  I think it is a better drug.  I have a drug plan and I have to take Prilosec.  I can't even get the trade name, I have to take the generic.  I took Nexium for a few years and I do think it worked better for me.
I don't know about water brash, sorry.
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The drugs are similar but not alike. Each person will typically find one of the PPIs works better for them than another one does, so it's necessary to find the one that works optimally for you.

Eating anything you like may not be the best way of going about trying to lower the hyperacidic state of your GI tract. Some foods can cause an outpouring of acid despite the presence of PPIs, and wine, pizza and other foods fall into that category.
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