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Night time choking on "foam"

I don't have these attacks often, but when I do they're nasty and fierce. I wake up belching, but the belch is foamy- kind of like what you see when you pour coke over ice cream. My instinct is to swallow, but when I do it makes me belch again. I can get stuck in a loop for a very long time and it feels like I'm choking and I can't breathe. When I wake up enough to think more clearly, I just spit into a trash bag I keep next to the couch I sleep on and it eventually passes.
It doesn't really have a taste that I can recall.  It's just VERY foamy and burns my throat (but I don't know if the foam causes the burning or the struggle to swallow and breathe does).

I've been fighting an earache for a a couple of months now.  I'm on my second round of Amoxicillin.  I also have almost constant post nasal drip.  And I know it's nasty, but since I was a young kid, I "flex" (?) my neck muscle to pull the sludge into my mouth and I chew on it then swallow and it gives me horrible heartburn.  Which I'm also curious about because it's not salty like snot tends (?) to be.  It's clear, flavorless, odorless.

In 1996 while I was pregnant, the doctor found out I had several large gallstones.  Gallbladder disease seems to run in the family on my moms side.
In 1998, during an attack, I went to the ER and he said it sounded like an ulcer.  I had a test done and they said it was deuodenitis (sp).
I've had neither treated since then except for taking some aciphex in 2002 or so (it worked wonderfully but was too darn expensive).

I have frequent "ulcer" pain and "gallstone" trouble.  I can differentiate the pain only by feeding it.  If eating makes the pain worse, it's the gallbladder.  If milk makes it better, it's "ulcer".

Perhaps those things trigger the "foam" attacks?
I take generic acid reducers daily.  But I also take 60 mg Celexa, 18 mg Strattera and 200 mg Provigil as needed as well as Naproxin as needed.
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