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Nissan Fundoplication with Hiatal Hernia repair

I had surgery 3 years ago, the first op was a botch up which had to be done 6 months later as the original surgeon messed up and I could not eat for that period.  I threw up after each meal.  I then had the 2nd procedure done and am wondering if I could have this procedure reversed.  I do think my health has become better, I struggle more with my health now then I did before they first operated.I do still have a lump in my throat but as I understand this, this is due to stress (they went ahead with the op when I mentioned I had a lump in my throat).What is a bit upsetting is that I found out about a year after I had the procedure that I could not throw up ever again and I wish to correct that as that is one of your bodies natural reaction.I want to find out what implications are involved should I have this op reversed.  Where they operated, is a constant hard feeling when pressed?!Hoping you could assist!
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I had a nissan fundiplication 7 years ago. I too can not throw up.  I assume you had severe GERD as the reason for your surgery? Too much acid into your esophagus can lead to esophagial cancer, as well as being so unpleasant. I don't think reversing this would be in your best interest. Yes, I too have the hard feeling when pressing, I have always assumed it's normal. Have you talked to your gastro-enterologist about your concerns? Good luck, and don't catch the flu!  LOL I know it's unpleasant when you need to throw up and can't . My dr gave me some anti-nauseau medicine to keep on hand. Maybe you could ask for some.
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Thankyou for your response.I was so uninformed when I went for the procedure.I don't think I suffered from heartburn, just uncomfort (pain in chest).I do recall them saying something about esophagal cancer, but surely if one corrects the types of food (nutition), then one should not have gerd, not so?  I am not really sure whether they said Gerd was the problem, but did mention that my valve was not operating properly - I think Dr's are far too knife happy!I am going to see a specialist in the next 2 months to speak to him about this - (and get another 2 opinions), as I also found out after the op that my ibs was a main indication of the symptoms experienced, where dietary changes could have been implemented and then the op could have been avoided!  Do you have ibs?I have resorted to stop the medication as I also think it's not too healthy!
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I am 30 years old and I had my first fundiplication surgery when I was 15 and had it done again last year.  I suffered from acid reflux because my valve was not operatin properly as well.  Yes Dr.´s are too knife happy but I must say with this problem it is not something diet can control.  Since I had my first surgery at such a young age when the surgery was still not that perfected it did not work.  Within 2 years I was right back were I started.  I would have days were I would drink an entire bottle of Pepto in a day.  So I took Prolsec and Nexium all throughout my life until last year when I finally decided to get the surgery done again.  I spent years trying to control the problem with diet and no matter what I ate or which treatments I tried nothing worked.  I even tried alot of homopatheic treatments and the acid refulx did not go away until the surgery.  However they took away one problem and left me with another.  Now I have no more acid pains but everything settles horrible in my stomach and I was feel very inflated with air pocket pains all over my stomach.  But I guess stomach pain is better than getting esophagal cancer.  However so far the Dr.´s I have seen have not been able to help this knew problem I have in my stomach.  Oh and I did not noticed until you mentioned it but I have not thrown up since the surgery either.  Though after my 1st surgery when I was 15 if I ate more than a small portion of food the food would come back up to my mouth.
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That is the problem that I am having now, that they operated and left me with another problem, I continuously have a lump in my throat (as mentioned before), but I think it has to do with stress.Did/do you have ibs, I would be interested to know.Since the surgery my ibs has gotton worse too, more bloated, not burping properly,abdominal pain, etc, etc, etc.I will be seeing the surgeon (at least 3 different), for gastroscopy's and their take on the reversal.I unfortunately cannot take it anymore.I tried to find pictures on the web on one's anatomy, to find out exactly what they do in the procedure, I have a pretty good idea, but will wait and see what the surgeon says - what country are you from?Sounds like south africa?Thank you for your input and good luck!
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I am reading the posts and can understand. From the age of 16, I have had acid reflux, apparently it went away when enough scar tissue was built up in the esophagus. In my early 30's I would go every year for dilatation, the procedure where they pass a ballon down your throat and expand it to eliminated some of the scar tissue. I had a problem swallowing food because of the narrowing from the acid. After 6-7 years of these procedures I had a hiatal hernia with a fundoplication performed. I am 18 months post operation and now have new symptoms: gas, cramps diarrhea, constipation. Now they are telling me I have IBS? The procedure did help my swallowing but these new symptoms are worst than the original.

Can anyone help?
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I had the nissan 10yrs ago and everything went find. My weight then was about 390. I now weight 360. I got really sick something in April 2011. it took a large vomit of bowel after 3 trips to ER and several test to find the problem. I have vomitted water but no food since nissan. I had the EEG and it show that my nissan has slipped and the mesh is resting on my liver and diaphram causing me some pain. The hernia has reacurred and the doctor I was sent too refuse to fix the hernia because I refuse the gastric bypass number 1 because its excluded from my policy, and second because its caused the dealth of a couple of my family member and others I know its caused heart problems and stomach ulcers since the bypass. I need this repaired or at list the mesh moved.
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