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Non stop farting is destroying my life

Im a 20 years old boy and non stop farting is ruining my life this is happening since 2011 i was 15 years old and sitting in the class and gases start releasing from my anal i thought wtf? I felt like im puctured i was shocked too because they are different from normal farts normal farts comes with warning but they dont they just keep releasing from my anal i dont know if they farts or not but they smell very very bad but i can't smell them since then my life become a joke when classmates saw me im entering in the class they got shocked and start closing their noses like if they saw a stinky **** i have to get extremely embarassed my selfesteem is very low i have no social life i can't go to university thats why i have fear of failure  because whereever i go i disturb everyone i tried everything change my diet doing yoga tried all kind of underpads such as flat d disposable and went to many doctors they give some tests and pills tests were clear i eat their pills for 3 months but they did nothing actually my problem is getting worse and worse the speed of releasing gases from my anal is getting faster and faster now its all over for me now girls laugh on me i can't get a gf i want to be social but i can't be please shr this so this problem will be dignosed and researcher will find a cure for it please help
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