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Nortriptyline medication

My GI doctor has prescribed Nortriptyline, 10 mg daily, for what he thinks is IBS.  I have not taken this before and wonder if anyone has used this?  I am always concerned about side effects.  My PCP also said it might be worth a try.  I am still nauseated most of the time with bad stomach aches and bloating.  They both know the meds I take.  I have been on low dose Alprazolam for over 4 years at a dose of .05 mg 3 x a day.  Most of the time I take half a tab in the morning and may or may not take the other half or a whole one during the day.
I went to Drugs.com to check for interactions with the other meds I take on and off which are generic Zofran, generic Levsin, Omeprazole and they all showed moderate side effect possibilities.  Now, I am afraid to start it.  Any feedback would be appreciated.
I did take low dose Prozac years ago but when I was given Reglan, I reacted with agitation and tremors and my doc took me off both.
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