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Not Having natural bowel movements without COSMOCOL

Last summer after a few stressful series of events, and changing my diet too drastically (lost weight) I completely stopped having bowel movements. As I was abroad at the time it took me 3 weeks to realise I hadn't passed stool in 3 weeks, a week later I went to my gp and was given cosmocol sachets to drink 3 times a day for a couple months and gradually come off the sachets to 'reawaken' and regulate my bowel movements. All my gp said was that it takes a while for bowels to get back to normal. After a few months my bowels were back to normal for nearly 2 months and after Christmas, probably due to over eating, my bowels stopped again and I'm now back on cosmocol otherwise I just don't have any bowel movements. I was wondering whether it was normal for my bowels to take so long to get back to normal, not understanding gives me a lot of anxiety as I'm scared I'll have these problems forever as this has been an issue for 7/8 months. I would have thought being quite young my body would have bounced back to normal..
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