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Not sure what to do....

I have been having recurrent middle of the night severe kidney pain episodes off and on for years.  I saw a doctor and he said it was probably stones and not to worry.  Then for the past month I've been so tired.  About five days ago I lost my appetite started having yellow diarrhea, nausea, and ridiculous weakness.  My upper abdomen is swollen and a little tender on the right side.  My sister who is an RN was concerned because she says I've had yellow skin and eyes occasssionally over the last month, so she drew a liver panel on me.  I had a BUN of 5, ALT of 92, low CO2 though I don't recall the value, and low 2.9 Potassium.  She is adament it could be a liver problem and I need to see another doctor, now.  My problem is I feel the levels aren't off enough despite how I feel to run up medical bills.  My health insurance doesn't kick in for 28 more days.

Do you feel it necessary for me to see a doctor right now or do you feel it would be safe to wait since the values weren't that bad?
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well can you lay in bed for 28 days? Can you drink water all day and stay close to the bathroom and lay in the sun or under a heat lamp for 28 days?  What was the bilirubin count?
hey that sounds like it could be the name of a movie! 28 days of tinkle-ing

anyways so sorry you are in pain- Good luck
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