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Off Topic * Kidney Stones *

Since I post an off-topic topic (is there such a phrase?) about once every 3 years, please bear with me. Just responding to a nice message I got regarding my spouse and his horrible, icky, painful Kidney Stones.

Hi Marty,

Thanks for the suggestion on pain relief. I had forgotten all about that drug. That's a name from the past, huh?

He has Percocet and another drug and he has chosen not to take the Percocet (for me it is constipating and gives me bad headaches, so I might have talked him out of it). He is asleep right now from the drugs actually. He did not have lunch or dinner (THAT IS NOT, NOT, NOT normal for my husband). He is a very healthful eater and loves his fresh, raw veggies to snack on before dinner. I think he had a cracker tonight and then went upstairs to get his jammies on (at 6:30pm). He threw up twice on Saturday from the pain. He was told YEARS ago that he is a Chronic "Stone maker."

Years ago he had the laser surgery to break up the stones. He had surgery one other time and may have to have it again if this does not pass. For years he took Lecithin to help keep things "slippery" inside. However, he has not used it in some time.

His stones are from Oxcilates (broccoli, swiss chard, tea, dark chocolate) and not from cheeses and such.

Anyway, thanks for the note and I will keep Leslee in mind. Just what you all don't need what with all going on including the flooding situation you all have had to endure.


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Wow Mary, I am sorry about all of this.  With everything else you had going on to boot!!!! Good Lord when will it end for you?  I will write you a note.  I am truly sorry I didn't follow up on everything you are going through.
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Jan, but you did.... And, I appreciated it. I loved the recipe for the dogs. I have used the hamburger/rice diet before (the girls LOVE it!) when they have had tummy upsets, and I have used just eggs (scrambled) also, but I had not heard of that particular combination. The morning Maya was struggling so badly, (and it turned out to be a bad bladder infection ....her first ever) I cooked scrambled eggs for the girls even though Maddie was fine... They do like to have the same thing to eat!

But, at that point I was not sure what the problem was exactly with Maya until I combed the yard upon light of day. Poor thing had to go outside about 5 - 7 times in the night. It was that next day that we did the blood test to see if something awful was fueling the bladder infection and that is when we got the poor prognosis based on her lab reports. She is finising up an anti-biotic for the infection and that is much better. And, she is still animated when we are petting her... and she still gets very excited when she sees her leash even though th walks are shorter. We are still waiting to get the full report from the Veternarian Oncologist regarding recommendations, etc. She is a love. I call her "Maya Love"....and, her little sister is a sweetheart, too, for sure. We are hoping that little sister's eye is better and will find out tomorrow if it is healing properly.

And now Kidney stones. Poor guy. I have never had them. I never, ever, want them.

And now daughter has a bladder infection. Geeeeezzzz.....

Ah well...I am hanging in there. I got a free couch from a neighbor over the weekend, so I was able to help out a friend who needed a couch... I gave her my old one. The new (to me) couch is very different from what I had in the living room and it is a nice change and just in time for company (daughter's college roommate coming for the first time ever this Wednesday).... so, do you think if I do something nice for someone things might get better here? Here's hoping :)). I am supposed to have next week off work, so I will have time to help everyone heal.

OK... talk about "off-topic" from Kidney stones to dogs to couches. As I said, Once every 3 years? Not a bad record.

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