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Omeprazole and cough: side effect??

I have been on 40mg of omeprazole (time release) for about 5 or 6 weeks now, and over the past 2 or 3 weeks I have noticed that I have a recurring cough. It feels like I have severe "tickle" in my throat right at that soft indentation above my clavicles. It comes and goes several times throughout the course of the day and I notice it's usually worse right when I lie down to go to sleep at night. I've never had a cough like this before... have no history of allergies, and I do not have GERD (gastritis only). Could this be a side effect of the omeprazole? I looked it up, but do not see this as a listed side effect anywhere.
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There are cases in the literature (French study I believe) of an omeprazole-induced cough. You may want to try another PPI to see if that changes things around. PPIs aren't all alike.
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I have the same problem which I, too, thought might be caused by Omeprazole. I did find, like CalGal, a link between Omeprazole and a cough, and it was also causing itchy skin down my spine area. Changing my PPI to Lansoprazole recently has not made the slightest difference, and I continue to cough all day and all night, a dry, irritating cough.
I also have gastritis, oesophagitis, a Hiatus hernia, none of which had been symptomatic other than nausea, and a lack of desire to eat. At the same time I was diagnosed with emphysema, which was blamed for all my symptoms regardless, until I eventually got someone to listen and I was given an endoscopy.
Thing is now. I just know after the battle I had to get someone to take my nausea as a separate illness, I know my emphysema will be blamed for the cough, when I am certain it isn't - it isn't that sort of cough. I don't know if it is the inhaler that I use for my shortness of breath.  I gave up smoking also, at the same time as all these things were diagnosed, and use a nicorrette inhalator, so the cough could be connected maybe. I have too many options as to what it could be causing this cough, and not what it is.
A tube up my nose is NOT an option!
I have had my cough now for over 8 months!
Good Luck with yours . . .
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Oh well,
Mentioned the cough today while I was at the doc's for something else, and he reckons Reflux (GERD) is the cause . . .  we shall see. He did actually look through my notes, which makes a change, before he made the decision to go with that.

I did actually know that a cough can be the ONLY symptom with Refux. (I have never had heartburn as a symptom for my gasto probs)

Anyway, Domperidone and a raised bed are what I have been given. In a few weeks if there is no difference to the cough, we try something else.

Strangely enough, last night I did not cough, and have only coughed three times today . . . . . Hmmmm?!!
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