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Ongoing abdominal pain under right rib cage and nausea

Hi My partner has an ongoing abdominal problem that the doctors cant seem to get to the bottom of, Hes 24 years old and has had this problem for around about 4 years. It used to be a couple of times a month it would flare up for around about a week but for the past 2 months at least he has been in pain with it everyday i have written his symptoms etc underneath and really hope you could possibly shed some light on the matter.

Toms symptoms:

* Cronic ongoing Abdominal pain under bottom of right rib cage( used to  be a couple of times a month, now the pain does not
stop from day to day.)
* nausea
* excessive weight loss
* dizzy when standing up
* variable bowel movements
* Dark urine
* Headaches
* difficulty breathing mostly at night


* went jaundice for about a week about the age of 12

* Got tested for leukima as a child

* Had enimia as a child

* Got tested for malnutrition as a child

* Had problems with his joints growing up

* Problems with the abdominal area run in the family, (Grandad, Mum, Sister, Nephew) None have had any conclusive outcome.
toms abdo problems are worse than the family have explained.

Procedures that have been done:

* Ultra sound on bowel and stomache - negative
* blood tests to outrule: * glucose
                          * Amylase
                          * bone profile
                          * c reactive protein
                          * full blood count
                          * liver function
                          * thyroid function
                          * urea and electrolytes
                          * coeliacs disease          - All came back negative

* B pylori test - Negative

*Lactose intolorance test - negative

* sigmoidoscopy - negative

* endoscopy - negative (Biopsy results x 6 not recieved)

*Tom used to drink a bit but has since stopped and smokes.

Medication prescribed and taken with no effect:

* Lanzoprazol
* Paramax
* Buscopan
* Gaviscone
* ibuprofen
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Is there anything that he has been diagnosed with like Gerd(acid reflux) alergies of any sort and etc. Have they checked his Heart?
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except for the dark urine which could be a sign of a bladder or kidney infection ,It really sounds like a gallstone but i'm not a doctor. you could always get a second opinion.
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Thanks for your response, he hasnt been diagnosed with anything what so ever after all the tests he has had they havent found anything and nothing stops the pain and nausea.
He has tried different diets like a brown diet and cut out certain food but nothing seems to work we are at our wits end with it its ruining his life he has lost so much weight, he is 6ft 1 and weighed 8st 3 last time we went to the hospital about a month ago and thinks he has lost more since then, he used to weigh 13st about 3yrs ago.
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He hasnt been tested for anything to do with his gallbladder but ihave been researching myself and have tought about stones. we just dont know how to get the doctors to listen they keep going on about severe ibs as the tests have not shown anything and are on about putting him on tablets but if he doesnt have this what will the tablets do to his body as they will have some effect.
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If you think it is a gallbladder issue you can google natural ways to elimate gall stones. There are a few things that sound promising. I don't know where your from but you need to get a second opinion, especially if he is losing that much weight. He obviosly has something wrong that they are missing.
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It definately sounds like it could be a gallbladder related issue.....stones can cause blockages in the ducts and this causes backup of bile......hence the pain, also the high level of bilirubin in the liver from this can cause dark urine.....

An ultrasound can show if there are any stones.....but you can also get a "sludge" that causes this effect too that is harder to show up on any scans.....

Perhaps ask your doctor to refer you to a GI specialist! Too many doctors label any abdominal pain as "IBS", such a cop out.....if they don't know.....send the patient to someone that might know!

Well, that's my penny's worth....I hope your partner gets some relief and help!

God Bless
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Thankyou for your reply i hope he gets some relief and help soon too. i will definatly put what you said to the doctor many thanks
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