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Ongoing pain in left and middle abdomen, gastritis or stomach ulcer maybe?

I’ve been having an ongoing stinging type pain in my upper to middle abdomen on the left side into the middle area for about a week now. It doesn’t let up. I’m starting to get a little worried what this could be. I’m wondering if it’s gastritis or a stomach ulcer. I do have a history of Crohn’s but mild and thought I was in remission. I see a gastroenterologist every 3-5 years for a colonoscopy and I’m due for one again. I was hesitant to make an appointment right now with everything going on and thought maybe it could wait but it’s really uncomfortable and nothing helps ease it, apparently. It’s very tender if I press on my abdomen area. Any idea what this could be? What does this sound like to you? Thanks!
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Hi there April2!  Long time since we've chatted.  Hope life is alright besides a world pandemic and this pain!!  Hope your kids are doing great. Anyway, have you had your gall bladder looked into?  I had pain in that same area and it was gall bladder related.  I lost a little weight and changed my diet some and it helped me.  https://www.healthline.com/health/gallbladder-attack  I had one episode that was an "attack".  Quite terrible.  What do you think of this possibility?  
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No idea, not sure what a gallbladder attack feels like. The doctor I saw said of it was gallbladder it would be felt on the other side but I don’t know. Years ago they told me I had a large gallstone they saw on some imaging but since it wasn’t going anywhere left it alone. I’m also somewhat bloated, I feel? Just very tender, stinging kind of pain on left side going into the middle. The doctor thought stomach related. Once in awhile I’ll feel a quick little sharp sting but otherwise it just stays sore and kind of a burning, stinging type feeling. No idea what this is. I’m supposed to see a GI for colonoscopy but not sure now if they’ll delay because of this pandemic.
And my kids are great! PM me and we can catch up. ❤️
Gallbladder is located in your right upper abdomen, which is opposite from the pain in your left upper abdomen.
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Diagnostic considerations include gastric ulcer, gastritis, enteritis, colitis, diverticulitis, pancreatitis, pyelonephritis, kidney stones, splenomegaly, and/or hernia. If your symptoms persist, see your doctor for laboratory and/or imaging tests.
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Thanks. I was able to make a sale day appointment Friday and the doctor isn’t sure what’s going on, said it could be adhesions, ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis. She didn’t think diverticulitis because I don’t have a fever or symptoms for that. She didn’t order any imaging, which surprised me, but said I should get in to see a GI doctor as soon as possible. I’ve been waiting for months to get a referral to go through for GI and am still waiting. I was due for a colonoscopy, anyway, and I suspect they’ll want to do an endoscopy too. I just hope this doesn’t drag on too much longer.
Pancreatitis can be worked up with laboratory tests, such as amylase and lipase, the latter which is more specific.
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