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Options for Colonoscopy Anesthesia, or None?

I've had 4 bad reactions to anesthesia.  My GP says it was midazolam and to list that as a drug allergy.  When I do that, I frequently get interrogated like I'm some sort of nut case.  I have to have a colonoscopy this year and from my reading it looks like midazolam is the drug of choice.  Are there other options?  I've read about propofol, but the cost and risk discussed in the various articles make it seem like a controversial choice.  I've also read of people having the procedure without sedation.  Does this mean without anything, or are they on some kind of pain med?

Al P
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Propofol would be the next anesthesia of choice for procedures. When i had my endoscopys, they used propofol to put me under. Yes it can be a dangerous drug if the anesthesiologist doesnt know what they are doing, but they usually do. It started to become controversial after michael jackson died, but he abused the drug. In my opinion, it is a completely safe type of anesthesia. The anesthesiologist intently watches your heart rate and breathing, and if there are any complications, you are immediatly brought back to conciousness using a reversal drug. Althought there are risks for sure, i would not be too worried about it
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My girlfriend had hers and watched the whole thing. They gave her some type of anti-anxiety drug but I'm not sure what type. She said she talked to her doctor the whole time. Not me though, I'm a wimp and went with the nap approach!
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