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Orange Tongue

Just curious if anyone knows what an "orange tongue" is telling me. I had this years ago and my pcp said it was from eating something orange, like Doritos. I was a little concerned with his answer since it was not very "intelligent" nor did have anything to do with what could be going on with me "medically". It went on for a couple weeks more and then went away on its own. That was about 15 years ago. I am a 36 year-old single man. I'm not sexually active because I gave it up 5 years ago. I do excercise, drink on the weekends, and hold two full-time jobs. I guess I'm pretty busy and have a lot of stress. I had an upper GI last month because of the severe acid reflux I experience, but the doctor did not find any damage or ulcers. The aciphex he prescribed helped with the frequency of the acid reflux but I still get it from time to time. I also have diverticulitis. Are any of these related to the "orange tongue" symptom?
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my baby has a constant bright orange tongue but noone seems to have any idea as to a likely cause,although interestingly enough he has also just had an upper gi because of severe acid reflux. has anyone any better idea as to what it could be?
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I have experienced orange tongue since December 2007.  I saw the gastroenterologist and told me it was a yeast infection in my mouth. I was give nDiflucan for about a week.  It seemed to go away but it came back as soon as finished this medication. Same the antibiotics.   Later I learned that its not a yeast infection. But it definitely has to do with the stomach. It definitley comes from  a combination of extremeties like stress, eating poorly, not excersing, and not getting proper sleep and the misuse of antibiotics and over the counter medicines.  I have ulcer, hiatal hernia, gastritis, and ulcerative proctoctis.  I saw a macrobiologist doctor in February and he was able to tell me my deficiencies. According to him I was lacking oxygen, developing kidney stones, pancreatis, etc.  It all makes sense. Our bodies are not designed to intake chemicals. I completely changed my diet and starting taking probiotics and herbs to heal myself naturally.  I have been improving slowly, I feel better and the orange coating is not as dark as before.  Definitely take oil of oregano, garlic and mastic gum helps as well as eating organic whole foods.  WE NEED TO DETOX OUR BODIES NATURALLY!
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