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Organs shifting below right rib?

I have searched endlessly to find others that might feel this..
I feel like my organs are shifting when I make certain movements.   Laying in bed on my
Right side taking a breath I feel something
Move.   Doesn’t feel like it’s my ribs, it’s just below my right rib cage.  
There is  no swelling, I thought maybe a hernia... I can lean forward bending take a breath and feel something as if it’s shifting or going In and out.    Is it normal to feel
Organs shifting around?  
I don’t really  feel any pain.
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Your upper abdominal organs normally move a little bit with inspiration and expiration. You may be palpating the edge of your liver beneath the right rib cage. Please inform your doctor about your concerns. He/she can perform a physical exam to rule out enlarged liver and/or hernia. For definitive assessment, consider cross-sectional imaging with CT or MRI.
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