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oh btw  i  uploaded pictures of my colon and throat please look a tthem and tell me if you think the doc was rright...i think they look inflammed..which would explain my frequent sore throat..gagging all the time,and  also i see in one pic the colonoscope is pressed hard against my colon did he puncture...

u can hear me clear my throat in the vid(or try atleast....sore throat FTL!)
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765439 tn?1292964014
765439 tn?1292964014
thanks doe all the help
765439 tn?1292964014
im about to cry noone wants to hel
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I'm sorry it's not that nobody wants to help, we are not qualified to look at your photos and tell you what is wrong.  Call your Gastroenterologist and make an appt. to sit down with him and have HIM explain what is going on.  This should have been done at the time you were video taping these.  It's his job, and responsibility to explain everything to you, and don't leave his office until you completely understand everything.  I'm sorry you felt we didn't care, we do.  We just aren't educated to know what we are seeing, your doctor is and he is working for YOU, so he dropped the ball by not telling you what you are looking at.  Go back and get answers.  Take care.....
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he did explain everything to me, im looking for more opinions. there is no reason people on here cant atleast look at the pictures  ispent 3 minutes filming and give me an opinion...im not spending another 40 dollars for just an opinion...i go to enough doctors as it is....all i want are so e more opinions....u all know enough to look and tell me if my colon looks inflammed so please give me opinions
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hello you need to get back and see your surgeon as people have stated to you that we aren't doctor's on here so we cant look at a picture and give you a diagnoses. Please see your Doctor as soon as possible. Hope u feel better real soon!! Take care.

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