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Pain 10-15 minutes after drinking water (or eating)

  What can cause pain 10-15 minutes after drinking water?  The biggest pain is completely reproducible.  If I drink a glass of water, the pain will start about 10 minutes later.  And will be extremely bad 15-20 minutes after drinking the water.  It is in my right flank, just below the rib in my back.
  I feel like I have been being tortured for the last 2 years, except for January - June where it took a break.  I also get more variable pain, all near the lowest ribs.  Front right, both sides, both flanks.  It wakes me up during the night, by 5 am I can't fall back to sleep.  I drink a glass of water in the morning, and begins burning badly.  I have breakfast, and it is much worse.  2-3 hours after drinking or eating the pain will go away on a good day.  But will return at night without food.
  I am told it isn't gallbladder because a HIDA scan was normal.  I have been told it isn't ulcers because a blood bacteria test was normal.  I have been told it isn't kidney, because a urine test only showed low amounts of bacteria.
  I have been waiting months to see a gastroenterologist, and I need to wait another 3 months.  It would be really helpful to know why I was in pain, so I could modify my diet appropriately, while I am being tortured.
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Isn't that where your liver is?  I have similar issues and I cant get timely answers so I just started a liver detox today!!!  .. and guess what.  My last lab result came in today saying I have elevated liver enzymes... so now I have ultrasound scheduled for my liver.
You might try a liver cleanse or even a parasite cleanse while you're waiting... these things are more common than doctors tell us...
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Thank you.  I'll focus on the liver.

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