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Pain 3 months after fissure/fistula surgery

I had surgery for a fissure, fistula, and 3 hemmoroids about 3 months ago.  I am still in a lot of pain.  The pain comes on about 1 hour after a bowl movement.  In fact, I was in very little pain prior to the surgery.  Now, I am in a lot more pain than I was ever in.  I can't do any exercise without pain.  It's a burning, aching pain.  The doctor told me I would be able to exercise within 2 weeks and be completely healed within 1 month.  This has not been accurate at all.  In fact, I don't think I am getting any better.  Has anyone had a similar experience?  What should I do?  Thank you for any help.
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It is now almost a year since I had strikenly similiar surgery.  The surgeon did not explain what to expect any where near what I am experiencing.  I could not leave the house for eight weeks after surgery as the pain was too much, and the bowel movements too numerous.

I am now seeing a gasterolentropenlogist (spelled something like that).  She has told me that any surgery in the large bowel, or anywhere in our digestive system, causes a major disruption on our digestive and excretion processes.  In addition, sugurcial repair of fissures and fistulas damage the nerves and fundamentally change the excretion process.  I am told to expect to never have a smooth bowel movement, nor a pain free bowel movement.

We are exploring alternatives.  There are experts in this area at the Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic.  I am researching this as is my new doctor.

FYI - I have found that prescription pain pills or a muscle relaxer (I have a bad back from an auto accident) seem to reduce not only the pain level but the amount and severity of the almost constant twitching and convulsing of the muscles in my lower bowels.  When those muscles are quiet, then things are much better.

Also I have found that I have to fundamentally change how and what I eat.  I can no longer tolerate anything with fiber or ruffage.  So whole grains and vegetables are out.  I can not toleate anything like nuts, potato chips, taco chips, etc.  Anything with high acidity or "hot" spices are out.  I am told now that this is very common for those of us who have had these kinds of surgeries.

Make sure that your doctors are ruling out all of those illness which can kill you.  These illness include cancer, colitis, chrons and other diseases which could have caused the fistulas and fissures in the first place.  Once those are ruled out, you can concentrate on leaning how to adapt your body and food consumption to reduce the problems we are both having.  Unfortunately, I am convinced we can not eliminate it.
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I had hemorrhoidectomy,fissurectomy & sphinteroplasty 6 weeks ago, where the doctor removed three packets of piles (at 3,6 and 11 o'clock). The fissure was remove at the pile at 6 o'clock and a sphinteroplasty was performed at 6 o'clock. I still get severe pain & bleedin at passing motion and the pain lasts for about two hours after passing motion. My doctor says the cuts are overhealing and keeps applying silver nitrate on a weekly basis. He has done this twice & will try once again next week. He says if the wound does not close, he will need perform another surgical procedure.

I am not sure if he has done something wrong & does not want to tell me. I am so stressed and do not want to undergo another surgery.

Before the surery I was not in such pain, now I have been in severe pain for 6 weeks and keep taking painkillers.

Please tell me your views.

Thanking you in anticipation
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My husband had the Sphincteroplasty a week ago & is in severe pain. We have a newborn baby & he can't even hold him because the pressure is too much. He is in constant agony, trying to relieve some of the pain, he has hot baths, takes pain killers, uses medicated creams, but nothing seems to work. The worst is right after he has a bowel movement & the pain lasts for hours.
Our life has been put on stand still because he is no longer able to work, perform any household duties, or help with the kids. Had we known this is how it was going to be after the surgery, we would have explored other options. Now it's too late..
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I had fissure surgery 6-24-10 and that night i passed out and had to get 17 stitches in my eye.Ever since i had the surgery i'm experincing pain all over my body but and everything hurts even when my kids hug me walking sitting and even when i lay down i'm at risk of losing my job because i'm in so much pain daily.I bleed more now from a bowel movement than before the surgery.Is anyone else have these problems i need help it seems like i'm falling apart each day pleses help!!
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I had an LIS performed a month ago and the pain is STILL unbearable! I'm on four 7.5mg percocets and alot of lidocaine salve daily, and i still can barely
get around. I also soak sitz bath 6 times a day. Anal Fissures are impossible to get under control. i guess.I hope this is not permanent!? HELP.
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I know what it is like . IT IS HELL! I've had my fissure surgery 2 months ago and Still have unbelievable pain 24/7.
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I had Anal Fissure surgery 7 weeks ago, and my pain NOW is so bad i almost pass out. I'm finally taking ProctoFoam HCL 2%, and it does help quite alot, but the surgeon did Not explain to me i would have Fecal Incontience and major pain 7 weeks after my surgery. I feel for you!! I'll NEVER have that surgery over again if it reappears.
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I'm for you All The Way! I had a LIS done also, and it is a living HELL!
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hi i am mandy876       i am scheduled for surgery friday for a fissurectomy and hemmoroids abd the colonoscopy.  i have been reading a lot of bad things should i have this surgery,  will it make me worse.  i  am not having much oain now.  just constipation.  i have not bled in over a year.  sounds like i will be in a lot of problems.  i dont know whatto do.  i need some advice.  mandy876
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i had my surgery for fissure removal,on may 5 2017,i tell my medical doctor about it and he said you will have this pain for several years,i said why,he says it takes recovery that long to fully heal,so far its been 7 months,of bowel movement,throbbing pain,i use recticare $27 a tube over the counter,inject a half an inch into the inside of the anus,it will numb your butt and eliminate pain in 30 seconds and lasts for hours.i know it says external only,but i asked 2 doctors who assured me youll be fine,,so try this and tell me about it,,get recticare from a pharmacy only
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