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Pain In Lower Right Quadrant

I have read about others describing what I have been suffering from for 3 years. When I am sitting or at rest in a bed I am fine. Whenever I go on a walk or walk in a mall or something for about 10 minutes I feel a sharp pain, feeling like something is pulling. It gest to where even if I stop and stand the pain increases and I have a desire to sit. The more I walk the worse it gets. After about 10 minutes of rest I am again good to go. I can't begin to tell you how bad it is - I was standing in a checkout line while this woman ahead of me was rifling thru her purse and she continued for what seemed like an eternity and my pain was getting worse by the second.
I have asked my doctor about it and she could not feel anything palpable, nor did it hurt when she did it. She had no idea as to the origin but when I suggested I had chronic constipation due to daily hydrocodone use she tentatively guessed it might be a bowel motility problem, but was unable to say for sure. I am guessing I just have to live with it. I worry it might be a large tumor growing in there but in three years it hasn't gotten worse and there are no other symptoms to suggest any of the more catastrophic possibilities. If anyone has gotten a correct diagnosis and has successfully achieved a solution please email me at dj0751 at aol *******. Thanks.

This discussion is related to sharp stabbing pain in lower right abdomen when standing or trying to walk.
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Try taking magnesium citrate every morning.  Also take Miralax in water.  Try that 3 times a week.  Use more often if necessary.  Continue walking for exercise.  
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Thanks. Did you do this? I will do anything if it works......
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with this being a chronic issue it needs to be addressed NOW. Find a doctor who is interested in finding out the problem. When did you last see an GYN? This could be an issue with your right ovary. You may have a cyst which causes your ovary to turn when you walk. It could also be a problem with your appendix or it could be a problem in your colon. You need to find a doctor interested in finding what the issue is and fixing it. No one should be left in pain wondering what is wrong. It is better to know the truth than to go on suffering.
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sorry saw you are male. It could be your colon or your appenix. I have an issue sometimes with stool passing from the small intestine toi the large which is from colitis. Get a colonoscopy and be sure this could also be a problem with your bladder or any number of things. there's a lot going on in that area. Good luck.
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