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Pain after Gall Bladder surgery

My wife had laparoscopic Gall Bladder surgery a week ago and is experiencing alot of pain in her back and left front under her rib cage.  She had been readmitted a day after her surgery for 3 days for pain management.  She had a CT scan done and the doctor said she was clear of kidney stones.  Currently she can't sit up or stand for more than 5 minutes without being in extreme pain.  She is on 2x Hydrocodone 7.5/325mg and it's not helping with the pain.  She is also experiencing a heaviness in the center of her chest like someone is sitting on it and a bit of difficulty breathing.  She has had all of these symptoms since the surgery and her doctor knows about it and says that they are "normal".  Even though her pain is on the opposite side of where her incisions are.

We have called the hospital and talked to a different surgeon who looked in her chart and said she has a UTI and should be on an antibiotic and he prescribed cipro for her last night.  We are worried that if our doctor missed this detail he may be missing more.  Are her symptoms normal for this type of surgery?
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If she is short of breath she should really be checked out.  There is always the chance of a pulmonary embolism post op and that is something that needs to be handled immediately.

The other thing that can be going on is that they pump you abdomen full of air to do the surgery and they get most of it out but some is still trapped and it can be very painful and cause that pressure like pain.  Sometimes the diaphramic nerve can get moved around a little also and this can cause some symptoms.

But she really needs to see someone just to make sure it is nothing serious.  Good luck and keep us posted.
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So it ended up being just her UTI that was bothering her so much.  She couldn't take a full breath because of the pain.  The doctor said her infection probably spread to her kidney and she was put on a pretty large dose of Cipro.  She is doing well now!
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