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Pain after sigmoid colon removal

After 8 years of diverticulitis attacks my colon abscessed and perforated the intestine wall. Luckily after removal of the sigmoid colon the doctor was able to resection. He tells me I'm doing great. It's been five weeks since the surgery. He told me to try new foods one at a time as I've been on a soft bland diet. Whenever I do try anything newI start vomiting about a half hour after I eat and the next day I have pain in my left side and also when I have a bowel movement. I'm scared that something still isn't right in there. I have no bleeding or fever with the pain. Is pain during a bowel movement normal after surgery?
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In 2004 I underwent a total colectomy and after discharge from hospital I was slowly able to eat normally.  I increased the fibre content of my diet to help convert my motions from "almost liquid" to "muddy/sludgy".

However, life returned to normal and I think that you have a right to expect this after your own operation.  I suggest that you go back to your surgeon and ask him for further advice.

Good luck
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thank you. I have felt all along that he is a fantastic surgeon but does not have the skills to allay his patient's concerns. He brushes them off with a "you are fine, just keep doing what you are doing"  He told me I probably need my gall bladder out but I don't believe that has anything to do with the nausea and pain.  
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Hi.  I had 7 inches of my sigmoid colon removed last January.  I can tell you that I experienced  pain for quite awhile.  I would say that I am starting to feel "normal" now.  From reading through various posts here, I feel that it is all different for everyone.  You can check out another thread called "problems after colon resection" and you will find others who have had the same surgery.  I did not experience nausea but kept complaining about pain.  Mine was an elective surgery ( no perforation), this type of surgery is very invasive, from what I have been told.  The colon does not like to be messed with.  However, I agree with Morecambe.  I would definately talk to your surgeon. Did they give you anything for the pain?
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