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Pain after upper endoscopy / EGD

Hi, I just underwent an upper endoscopy and biopsy yesterday for some stomach pain I've had for several years. I haven't gotten test results back but so far have been diagnosed with chronic gastritis and reflux esophagitis. My question is about how I am feeling right now. From all I've read there should be no pain or discomfort after the procedure but I feel like someone punched me in the stomach and I'm nauseated. I wasn't having a flare-up at the time of the procedure but I'm wondering if somehow having the scope in there irriated my stomach lining. The pain isn't severe which I guess would indicate a complication like a perforation and I have no fever or anything but I can't come up with any stories from anyone about not feeling well after this procedure. I called the Dr's office and the nurse just said it was because they had to put air into my stomach for the procedure and because I didn't eat yesterday until about 1pm . I just don't know. I don't feel gassy... Anyone else have this experience?
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Hi Nygrl,

I just had the same test (endoscopy and biopsy) on 2-19.  I have also had some minor stomach pain. Also, feel like there is a knot right below sternam (spelling?) plus quite a bit of belching. It kind of feels like I'm swallowing a large amount of something and it is sticking in my chest.

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I can totally relate.  Had endoscopy/bipsy and colonscopy on 2.13.2007.  have had sick feeling to stomach and severe belching since.  found out i have hyplori and erosions.  I think the scope irritated the reflux and has made it worse.  Start treatment for hyplori-hopefully symptoms will clear
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My nephew, 27yrs old, had an EGD in Dec. 2007 for a history of acid reflux which was well controlled with Nexium.  Within 6 hours of the EGD he also developed epigastric/chest discomfort with vomiting. Although his symptoms were vague, we decided to have him looked at in the local ER.  We were thinking maybe perforation.  They did an EKG and he was having a heart attack.  He was given clot buster and sent to a larger hospital where the heart cath showed clean arteries. No one can tell us if the two are related. We feel that they are related because he has never had any problems with the heart or signs and symptoms of heart problems.  We do not think of an EGD as a benign procedure anymore.
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Had EGD and colonoscopy this past week. was told would not feel a thing.
felt nothing at the time of EGD being done, but did wake up, and feel the insertion of the colon tube, had pain each time it was advanced and found myelf calling out.
Felt violated, lied to, and was in alot of pain while waking  up more, and after ward
Feeling I had was like a horse kicked me in my upper and lower abdomen, felt bruised internally. was realy sore and in alot of discomfort.Just wanted to get out of there ASAP. discomfort and soreness continued on for several days. still finding myself feeling not back to norm and mild discomfort now, with bloating on and off still feel sore, but not as intense as it was.
.It has been 4 days now.awaiting biospy results, I hope they can tell me something, as I
never will do these test again.
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Ive just had the endoscopy and biopsy today..Ive had it three times now.  My stomach is extremely gassy and I keep cramping up.  This didnt happen the other times.  I know they fill your intestines with air as the camera passs through and the fact Ive been fasting for the past 36 hours probably doesnt help.  Hoping the cramps will go soon.  Just wondering is this normal?!
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Have both set up for this month,  hope this is not the normal issues with these test.
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I had the same feeling.. It didn't go away for probably a week. I believe it is from the air also. And it isnt a gassy feeling... Just pain, and if you vomit theres no reliefe! Id have it checked out if you dont feel better soon. Or just to get peice of mind! But it probably will go away.
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I had an egd done on 6-26 and had 2 polyps removed. They said I had multiple polyps in my stomach but are waiting on biopsy results before doing anything to the rest. I have had this done before and had no problems. This time is totally different. My upper stomach right under my breasts feels like its in knots. Almost like it was kicked really hard. Went to the ER this morning and they didn't do anything. Said it was from removing the polyps. I also feel very nauseas at times. I know it is not from the air they put in. I can tell the difference between gas and pain. But they act as if I am crazy. Anyone else have these problems?
How long did it take u to recover, the reason I ask is because three wks ago i had an EGD done and two wks ago i had a colonoscopy. Right under my breasts I have excruciating pain and burning. I am also belching badly now..I regret having these procedures done.
They just wanted o look at my stomach, they didn't do a biopsy or anything and I feel that sort of pain, it comes and goes, it's worse when I eat, it get really sharp, I just had it done today 6/1/16
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I feel your pain! I had my EGD on July 8 (3 days ago) and had 2 polyps removed also.  I have the same feeling...knots right below the sternum!  Just a really bad TUMMY ACHE!  I have been nauseated and even vomitted. I also hurts worse when I eat. When I swallow it feels like the food gets stuck right there at the sternum.  That is where one of the polyps was removed, but should it hurt that bad?  I'm with you!
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I had endoscopy done a month ago and am still having discomfort in stomach as well as nausea that comes and goes....anyone experience this after several weeks?  am starting to be concerned about this.
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I had an endoscopy/colonoscopy yesterday at about noon. The whole thing seemed to go smoothly, after which I ate lunch (on my way home from the hospital). Dr. said my large intestine was clear, no sign of any problems, but my stomach showed some inflammation and that he took some samples for biopsy, and that I was to start prilosec today. About 3:30PM yesterday I started getting rythmic stomach pains, took Maalox after checking with doc's office, then TUMS after speaking with doc. Still no relief. Ate a filling dinner as I was really hungry (a good sign) and then pains returned. Drank a bottle of water after taking more Maalox and TUMS and got to sleep. Woke this morning about 6AM from a bad dream (Elton John had died!:(  ), to more pain, which I'd describe as shooting (as in acid) pains in intervals from the left side of my stomach, worse than any I've had from taking advil in the past. I'm going to call the dr.'s office at 9AM and go in for an x-ray.
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I had an endoscopy today 18th Aug and it was awfull i was told i wouldnt feel anything and i felt everything the dr told me to swallow and he pushed it in before i swallowed! my stomache feels bloated now 8 hours on im very windy and need to keep burping but the main problem is my throat its so sore i can barely swallow is it normal for the throat to be so sore? no one told me it would hiurt at all afterwards? i was told maybe i might feel bloated but not have throat pain. im worried sick!
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