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Pain bowel issuEs after hysterectomy

Things seem to make sense reading everyone's posts. I am 33 yrs old 3 children all c-sections one child born with gastroschesis, had a partial hysterectomy in March 2015, I hemorrhaged out after surgery had to go back in. Was a long recovery, but once I was able to have intercourse it was extremely or should say to this day is extremely painful. Went back to dr. Because I have incontience due to back injury she said pain must be from bladder. Went to urology they said no reason for pain isn't bladder, but hey got meds to help with incontience. Now a week ago I was have horrible upper left stomach pain for over a week and was still moving bowels like normal. Went to er due to swelling in stomach. They gave me ct scans did blood work IV. Came back I was backed up with large amount of stool " trapped" as they said. Sent me on my way. Did the laxatives with no relief, 2 days go by still sick as a dog running fevers and belly getting more and more swollen. Went back to er again did X-ray gave me more laxatives sent me home. Get home 5 min in door I'm vomiting, holding nothing down, stomach felt like someone taking a knife to my stomach slowly. Next day went to see my primary who's 45 min away he admits to hospital. They diagnose with IBS and colitis. Never had bowl problems in my life til now. What is going on, feel better knowing I'm not the only one but why hasn't anyone figured a cause or solution for this. I'm 33 can't move my bowels, can't have sex, can't make a baby (Not that I wanted anymore anyway-just principle) what's the point I live with back pain daily from back injury, so let's add some stomach pain on top of that! Makes you not want to get out of bed everyday, and yes I'm heavily medicated for depression because I don't want to get out of bed anymore.... Thanks for reading my rant. Good luck everybody dealing with these issues, I feel your pain!
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Do you think you could have a hernia inside your abdominal wall?  Even a small one can trap stool or cause pain.  Maybe a CT of the abdomen would be the way to go.  Good luck and let us know how you're doing!
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