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Pain by liver or kidney side?

Hi i been having on and off pain on my right lower side, am hepatitis b n fibrosis f2, and have a small non cancerous cyst on my kidney. Which one can cause the pain ? Will the cyst on my kidney grow bigger?
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Which one can cause the pain ?
Probably neither one is causing pain. Possibly intestinal gas or upset stomach is more likely.

Will the cyst on my kidney grow bigger?

Maybe maybe not. Your doctor is the single best person to ask this question vs fellow patients on the Internet
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There are numerous causes of right lower quadrant abdominal pain, of varying levels of severity. These include appendicitis, mesenteric adenitis, ileitis (e.g., Crohn's), colitis, kidney stones, kidney infection,  uterine fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cyst, ovarian torsion, ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease, hernia, and/or cancer. You should see your doctor, as proper diagnosis depends upon clinical history, physical examination, and laboratory and/or imaging tests.
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Kidney cysts are normally painless and they are common. Also kidney pain is usually experience in the flank area of your back and your side.
If the pain is directly under your right ribcage: upper right quadrant...there is a plethora of causes that are possible. It could be a fatty liver, gallstones, gallbladder disorder, liver disorders, adhesions ( if you ever had surgery im that region) hernia..etc, etc.
If you are experiencing upper right quadrant pain with a diagnosis of hepatitis b I would strongly suggest you speak with your PCP.
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I agree with Chin_C on the right lower quadrant.
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