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Pain from clothing- can't take any pressure on abdomen

I feel extreme sensitivity from any pressure around my abdomen, can't wear anything thats even lightly tied around my waist.  When I sit while wearing pants I feel a digging pressure like pain in my abdomen. I don't wear underwears with elastics anymore, can't tie waistbands around my abdomen anymore.

These symptoms started in 2011 with a mild tingling pain right after meals in the upper abdomen, an year passed with bloating and constant discomfort with the pain from clothing as well and after an year in 2012, diarrhea after morning meals started, some relief from pain happens after defecation. Now I feel like dairy and fatty food intolerance.

My gallbladder was removed without any typical symptoms to rule out any pain contributed by it.

Some doctors gave me antispasmodics for this abdominal pain but till date no doctor has been able to solve this problem well enough.

Can I get suggestions if someone knows what could be causing this??
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I'm 28/Male
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You might consider visiting your doctor again. Or even have him refer you to a GI specialist.
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I've received possible diagnosis of ibs and Gilbert's syndrome,  but since I had mixed and confusing blood counts so doctors just give mixed opinions and some of them also said it may be haemolysis and my problem stays unsolved.
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