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Pain in abdominal right quadrant

For two years now I am suffering a dull, sometimes pulsating, pain in the abdominal R quadrant. I feel tas if there is SOMETHING inside.  My abdomen is growing- a little- especially in the R side. It hurts all day and night, I even dream with this pain.  It even hurts when I let my arm lay on top of the area when I am resting!  Every morning when I wake up... the pain is there.  Sometimes it wake me up and I stay still waiting for the pain to scalate and getting mentally ready to call 911 or drive to the hospital, or.. expect the worst.  I can tolerate high levels of pain so I will say in the scale 1-10 it is 3-4.
I underwent all recommended testing ordered first by my PCP, later by GEs, OBGYNs, General Surgeons, Urologists, neurologists, etc: blood works, colonoscopy, bladder tests, OBGYN intravaginal scans, CAT Scans of all my body, MRI, you name it... My last X-Rays show some arthritis in the R hip.
Since sometimes I cannot walk due to inguinal pain reflected in the middle of my R leg I am thinking on a bone or liver disease.  
I am a very active, happy and healthy 56 years old women.  
Please help me find out what else can I do. I am probably missing sa test or consulting with the right specialist?
I love to feel well and capable of doing my job and activities without pain.

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Hi Dorys:

How are you doing now?  

All the best,

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Any comments? The pain continues and  it is now accompanied by a burning sensation and runs down to my right leg close to me knee and back to my right "kidney".
My IM referred me to the orthopedist who diagnosed mild arthritis in my right head of the femur and lost of cartilage.  Can this condition cause so much pain?
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