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Pain in left breast and just under it

OMIGOSH! Katej I have had this pain off and on even as a child for years.  I got on the computer this morning hoping to find some answers. Last night was the worst ever.  It is just as you describe.  Excruciating in and under my left breast almost completely  relieved as I sat up and held my self still.  Breathing was excruciating. I was in so much pain I was headed to the hospital when it suddenly quit, or at least was greatly relieved.I was so afraid of another attack I slept sitting up. Last night was  the worst I have ever had, I have had it last for just a few minutes or until I have changed positions.  I honestly believe it is trapped gas or something.  I wonder if that is medically possible?  Does anyone know?  

This discussion is related to pain in upper left ribs/just under left breast.
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I just had some of those horrific stabbing pains the other night. Haven't had them since I was a kid, now in my mid -40s. So, I did some searching and I think it's Precordial Catch Syndrome. It's not supposedly common in adults, but the symptoms fit. Here's a couple of good articles:



Hope this helps:)
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