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Pain in lower left colon(sigmoid colon)

I have been having burning pain in my sigmoid colon on and off for about three months. I have been diagnosed with ibs in the past. Lately it seems to be radiating into the rectal area. I was wondering if I could be getting trapped gas? The pain radiates to the lower left side of my back too. This is a burning pain. A few days ago I had some blood on the toilet paper and a little in the toilet. I’m 37 and no family history of colon cancer. I can’t see a doctor until the 29th of this month and I’m terrified it’s colon cancer. No health insurance so when the doctor does order tests it may be awhile before I can get them because of our financial situation. Anybody else ever had something like this? Oh and I went to the er last week and they did a abdominal ct and pelvic with contrast and blood work and all came back ok.
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