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Pain in my right ribs and back

I had pain that started out in what I thought was my breast, underarm and back.  Had mammogram two days ago.  The radiologist found nothing.  For the last 5 to 7 days, I have been having a dull ache that started out under my right shoulder blade, yesterday the pain moved more to the middle of my right ribs that penetrates to the front side of my ribs, under my breast and goes to the back.  Tonight I started having a dry cough and the pain is getting worse on that side.  I am 40, breastfeeding for the past 18ths (not too much now).   I have had a kidney stone that had to be removed with a stint placed in 94'.  That pain was more on the flank of my body, this pain is higher.  I also have breast implants (silicone) that are old.  What could be the problem here?  Scared!  
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