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Pain in right ribs and twisting stich in right hip area

Hi all . can any one help. It started  with having 2  mornings with intense pain on right side of ribs. And feeling crap. Then it back off and become a dull aching and also a twisting ache in the right hip area. Doc thought is was bilary colic so i stopped wheat gluten and fat etc which seemed to ease it .I ended up in a and e  had ( bloods all clear ) and small ultrasound and full poke around. They put me on antacids. Then I was  sent  for an ultrasound which showed up. No gull bladder probs or stones. But a slightly enlarged prostate. Still got dull ache and this twisting feeling in right hip area... Been bout 5 weeks now. Pain in ribs comes on and feels like a tight gripping feeling.. I'm 46 white  now I'm getting worried..

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