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Pain in the Center of Upper Abdomen

So right now I'm debating on whether or not I should make a visit to my doctor.  I had my gallbladder taken out almost 3 years ago (January 2008) & over the last week I've been having a sort of general "soreness" in the upper middle portion of my abdomen, right under my rib cage, which is where most of the pain from my gallbladder was located.  I've also had a couple of instances of sharp pains in that area, which, once again, remind me of my gallbladder pain.  I've had acid reflux for years, but I've also been taking Prevacid for years which has kept it under control exceptionally well.

I quit smoking almost 2 months ago, so lately my appetite has really increased, & like an idiot, I've been on a McDonald's kick for the last couple of weeks.  I've been eating chicken mcnuggets & fries for lunch almost every day.  I'm not always the most healthy eater, but this has been extreme even for me.  Now I'm wondering if all this fatty, processed food has caused me to have some sort of acute pancreatitis.  Two weeks ago I got sick with what I initially thought was strep throat, but tested negative for strep so they doc assumed it was the flu but went ahead & gave me antibiotics just in case.  What was odd about it was that my fever didn't get over 101 (it usually gets around at least 102 when I've had strep) & I got better in about 3 days (I'm usually out of commission for about a week when I get the flu).  My symptoms where extremely sore throat, fever (it usually lingered between 100-101) & pain in lymph nodes.  I didn't really have any major diarrhea or nausea, & I didn't have the typical cough that usually accompanies the flu.

Right now I feel okay, I just have that general tenderness & occasional low grade sharp pain in my mid-upper abdominal area & I feel a bit bloated.  I'm just worried that I may have something serious going on (such as pancreatitis) & if so I don't want to ignore it.  On the other hand, a doctor's visit takes time & money, & I don't want to waste either over nothing.

Any answers and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I too have had my gallbladder removed and find that my body digests fatty foods differently from before.
From the sounds of your admitting you've had a high fat content diet lately, I'd suggest staying away from any fatty foods for a couple of days and see if that helps at all.....

if it doesn't get any better after a few days.....go straight to your doctor.
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