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Pain in the esophagus just behind the lower ribs

For about two or three days now I have been suffering with the sudden onset of very sharp pain after swallowing, it feels like when you swallow too big of a bite or a large pill and it turns sideways, and it hurts right when the food (or drink) enters, or is about to enter, the stomach...in the lower esophagus, just behind the lower ribs. It is extremely painful - enough to make me not want to eat anything. I only get this pain when I swallow something, but I also feel like I might have to burp or a lump in my throat...perhaps like a heartburn as well (not sure what this feels like as I have never had it before), which is worse when I take a deep breath.

Med history, I'm pretty healthy. A little overweight, but still active. I recently helped some people move and was running on very little sleep and a bunch of energy drinks for about 3 days...This started two days after I got back as I was weaning myself off of the drinks again. Any help would be great.
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I can't really help you, but just wanted to mention that I get the same kind of sharp pain if I eat too fast or take too big of a bite.  It actually feels like the food is stuck somewhere in the back of the throat or a little lower down (esophagus?)  It goes away after I drink some water.
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