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Pain in upper to mid back on left side?

I am having pain in  my upper to mid back on the left side.  It is constant and worsens with eating....it's like a knife in my back sometimes and if I press on it it seems to relate to my stomach....also it is not my back or my lung. It is not muscular or nerve type pain. It's like a burn maybe...

It is like a gallbladder attack (except the opposite location) but not the severe pain as in gallstones (been there gallbladder is gone now thank God)....

could it be just gerd?  

or pancreas?

please help
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please someone else have this?
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I have the same type pain as when my gallbladder was removed except under my left rib.  It is an isolated spot about the size of a golf ball and when the pain gets bad I feel it in my back.  I don't notice food, or anything in particular making it worse.  I've had a cat scan and a colonscopy that came back clear, I've been on antibiotics for 2 weeks, and continue to have the same pain, now for 2 months (every day) with no idea of where to turn now.
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that is exactly how I feel.....

I have started on previcid daily now and it seems to feel better which makes me think maybe it's some sort of ulcer...yet somedays the pain is there no matter what...I ask a doctor friend and when I pointed out the spot on my back he seemed to think pancreas...

sometimes after the gallbladder is removed it does something to the pancreas when we eat anything with fat in it....

but pain that should be in the stomach but is in the back is usually pancreas....

I don't drink alcohol or eat greasy or fried foods that often....so I don't know why my pancreas would be acting up....however I am a stress eater and have put on 40 lbs in this past year so I think maybe I have kicked myself over into Diabetes.....so I think I am going to go the holistic route on this and eat healthy, lose that weight and stay off fatty foods....see if that doesn't clear it up.....I think you may need an endoscope....and to check the pancreas...please keep me updated to what you find...my email is ***@****
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I been battling this type pain for 3 years.  Had all kind of tests, no answers.  I believe mine is gastritis, cause it gets worse with smoking, spicy foods, or alcohol.  But it could be chronic pancreatitis.
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