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Pain under ribcage

hi ive had pain under both my ribcages seems like a heavy feeling, its worse on the right side and when i breathe in deep my left side feels weird almost as if something is stretching, im getting an upper GI endoscopy soon but all my blood work has turned up normal, ive also been very constipated lately for about 3 wks and my symptoms all started with mild heartburn that went away and is now mainly the ribcage pain and the constipation, i also belch all the time...any ideas on what it might be?
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Hi all,

Similiar list of complaints; sore right floating ribs, tight band around 10th/11th rib, tightness in sides, buzzing/tingling/itching lower ribs on side, lump in throat?, pain in random spots in right leg, different appetite (not as good), common constipation, low back pain, headaches...all cycle seemingly randomly.  Have done the bevy of tests.  Has anyone come up with a solution or seen a change??  Thanks
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Is it a burning pain that you have below your ribcage?

I have had a burning sensation on my lower right side, halfway between the bottom of my ribcage my pelvis. Feels bloated and when I push on it it releives it a little bit...
I also suffer from bad constipation and have had blood on the toilet paper this morning and on Monday morning.

I also have that *heavy* feling you describe, about 2 inches under my left nipple... feels like somone is poking their finger inside me and pressing on this spot.
I also have heatburn ona  regular basis.

Doctor seems disinterested, and I'm not too keen on having an endoscopy / colonscopy unless I have to. I know when you look at the sypmtoms it's a no-brainer, but it seems that I was hoping to have an idea of what is is from this forum before I go to do something about it....

Hope you feel better soon :-)

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