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Pain under right rib cage, as if something was inflamed below

Over the past 5 or 6 months i've had some organ swollen under my right rib, sometimes it hurts and other times it becomes less swollen. I believe when i eat it is worse.(Also there were like 3 times after eating i would have pain in the right side of my back) Under my LEFT rib there is also something becoming swollen but not as much as the right rib. Other times it hurts in the area above my navel and in the left and right side of back. I've been going to doctors all this time, but they do not know what it could be. People please im DESPERATE and wanna find out what is going on here. Please help me.
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I have exactly the same thing. I had it in the past and was diagnosed with liver cysts. This was a couple of years ago. The pain pretty much went away, but now it's back. I'm bloating after eating and cramps in the morning. Doctors say the liver cysts shouldn't cause pain, but nothing else was found. I have an appt with a gastro next week. I'll see what happens then.
Hope you get your answer too.
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what are they testing you for? Sounds to me like it could be a gallbladder issue. Have they given you an ultrasound? ctscan? or abdominal x-ray?
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Sorry for the late reply friends, i believe this is due to IBS or most likely chrons because there is an inflammation on the right side of the colon. This is by far the best explanation i have due to me going to all doctors, having all sorts of scans and still nothing. All i know that brings relief is changing the diet, avoiding fatty foods as hard that could be
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Try an elimination diet. You want to eat things like fresh fish and chicken, grilled or steamed, dont add any sauce or spices (small amount of sea salt). Also, do fresh veggies.
Foods that can be irritants are dairy, gluten, coffee, tea, processed foods, greasy foods, fried foods. Avoid all of them. See if eating a bland healthy diet helps. do this for a few weeks, then slowly reintroduce foods (one at a time). then u can figure out what gives you problems and avoid it competely.
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