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Painfull Diverticulosis

Hi all Im a 27 yr Old male who has suffered severe pain in lower left quadrant for 4-5 Years now I was originally told i had IBS Which was completely false after a large bleed along with excruciating pain I was hospitalized for 1 week until the bleed stopped I had a colonoscopy flexi sigmoidoscopy and gastroscopy which showed absolutly nothing I was asked to leave the procedure table as I found it hard to believe there was nothing wrong with me after another year of pain and bleeding  I seeked a second oponion at a 2nd hospital I had Colonoscopy gastroscopy barium meal ultrasound, this time i was told I have Diverticular Disease , Sliding hiatal hernia ,Oesophagitis(mild) Duodenitis(mild) haemarrhoids One was banded, acid reflux but diverticular disease would not cause this type of pain I am constantly in the pain at present seems to come 30-45 mins after consuming anything food drink etc etc I have now been put on targinact 10/5 mg synthetic morphine along with tramadol ,mebeverine ,penterprazole, which I am not keen on but have to just to get by and be able to eat relativley pain free I recently went for a third colonoscopy a virtual colonoscopy at St Marks hospital london and the report again only showed mild Diverticulosis and bowel wall thickening I am at a loss this is putting immense stress on my private life as im always grumpy and in pain the  Doctors are telling me there is nothing more that can be done so I have been booke on a pain managment course Its also worth knowing I have lost 3 stone in 6 mths but cancer has been definatley ruled out and I have not Bled since the haemarhiod was banded I wake up dripping in sweat but freezing cold

My situation seems similar to others on here wj-pain for example and I have had reccurrent chest infections and 1-2 a week a sharp chest pain my current pain alternates between a stitch like pain constantly and a sharp stabbing pain sporadically 5-10 times a day normally after eating  along with pain under my left rib which could be chest infection related ??

Please give me any ideas suggestions or similar experiences and diagnoses or further tests that might help I have done an aswful lot of research but have now drawn a blank

Please Help


This discussion is related to please help, left abdominal pain for a long time, very depressing...
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