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Palpitations, PVC, Swallowing, Vagus Nerve

OK.  I have had all the symptoms.  PVCs/ Palpitations, Stomach aches, sore esophagus, Fast bloating, Hard to speak, problem swallowing, food gets stuck, Lost weight, horse and sore throat by the carotid artery.  i have had a repeat history of ER visits for PVCs for 5 years since an L4 L5 herniated disc.  I am not a medical doctor or a chiropractor but when it gets so bad I lose 7 pounds in a short period I had to do something.  I am not a medical doctor but I am a computer geek and a voracious reader.  I read about the Vagus nerve and the functions.  All the places I had problems were things connected to the Vagus nerve.  Being a computer geek I have a severe history of computer geek neck. The doctors were treating me with blood pressure medicine and prilosec.  This wasnt working so I decided after poassing eveyr test ( Stress, EGD, Bllood etc) so work on my neck.  I think I have a compress Vagus nerve.  IN 3 days I am not fully better but I can eat again and my stomach pain is mostly gone.  SEE A CHIROPRACTOR  but that is not goo enough. Work your neck with neck stretches.  Take anti inflammatories.

Try these stretches and then also work your head side to side.   Put your monitor at eye level and your cell phone at eye  level.  http://www.livestrong.com/article/547317-neck-extension-exercises-for-the-vagus-nerve/

Vagus nerve entrapment by computer geek neck I hope !
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