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Pancreas Problem?

I've not been to well since 2nd December, upper stomache problems, diareah and a bit of back pain. I got an utlrasound scan on the 7th Jan, showed dilated pancreas duct, sludge on gallbladder. That weekend I ended up in A&E - was extremely uncomfortable after eating. I got a 2nd ultrasound that showed the pancreas duct had closed and not to worry about the sludge. I went home - the following weekend, same again, in a lot of discomfort - I got an endoscope - showed H Pylori, gastritis and Duodenitis, I took the eradication therapy - that finished 13 days ago - now I am taking opermazole 40mg daily.

Here I am sick with worry and I am in sheer panic - I don't seem to be getting much better - My appetite comes and goes and this worries me  to the extreme - My poo is still not right and the color etc is not right - this again worries me - I keep going back to the pancreas duct being dilated and then closed - I have read over and over about the pancreas and I can't get it out my head that there is something not right with it - hence my worry with the appetite and bathroom problems. I have seen the doctors (general GP)over and over - he doesn't say much - I told him yesterday how concerned I was since the first ultrasound scan - he didn't reply with really anything - I found myself crying and saying sorry for crying. I'm not looking to have a disorder of the pancreas but the signs I am showing just seems to match those of problems - I guess if I hadn't known the duct had been open in the first place then I'd not be so worried - but I am. The endoscope as you know shoed H Pylori, gastritis and Duodenitis, the treatment for the H Pylori was finished 10 days ago, no body said the other problems were chronic or what to expect - I have searched the internet till the cows come home - I have lost 10lbs in weight which is not good and this appetite switch is causing me alarm )0: I'm very worried - I don't know were to turn - HELP )0:
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Please go see a Gastroenterologist soon.
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I totally agree with restless23 thru experience.  You may even have trouble finding
a good gastro that knows about the biliary system.  I would recomend you google the pancreatitis website in the UK, they can give you alot of info.

Sorry I dont understand that your Dr said dont worry about your duct closing?? and having sludge in it?  Please visit the UK pancreatitis message board there are so many that can refer you to a good specialist, and help you with your worries.

I'm georgie I hope to see you there
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