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Pancreas divisum

I recently had a HIDA scan with EF.  It took over 4 hours for the dye to enter the small bowel; however, once the CCK was injected, it moved quick quickly along with the horrible pain I've been experiencing.  My EF was 97% which the doctor maintains is normal.  Last week I had an ultrasound EGD which showed Pancreas Divisum with stones/ sludge.  The ultrasound was normal a month ago.
The pain gets so intense I have to go to the ER just for pain relief.  I get nauseated and feel like I'm going to throw up, but I haven't yet.   Also as the pain gets worse, I get really shaky and my BP gets really high, like 146/106 isn't unusual when the pain is bad.  My normal BP is around 102/64.
The gastroenterologist said my gallbladder needs to be removed.  I do not know anything about this so could someone fill me in?  From what little I've read, it appears as though a stent should fix the PD so I'm confused as to why the gallbladder has to be removed.  Even if the gallbladder is removed, the ducts are left which wouldn't help with my pain.
I don't know, I'm sorta thinking out loud and hoping someone can give me their two or three cents..LOL
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Hi, mild symptoms of pancreatic divisum can be managed conservatively. Recurrent episodes of pancreatitis or chronic pain may need intervention, which can be performed endoscopically or surgically, to alleviate papillary stenosis. Endoscopic intervention includes minor papillotomy (needle-knife sphincterotomy over a stent or pull-type sphincterotomy), endoscopic stenting, and balloon dilation of minor papilla. And gall bladder removal may not help with this condition. Regards.
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