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Pancreas or Gastroparesis

I'm a 30 year old female that was admitted to the hospital a few months ago with severe epigastric pain, which also radiated to my back and left upper quadrant.  I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and gastroparesis, which was diagnosed by multiple CT scans and an endoscopy.  My amylase and lipase values were also elevated.  I am taking Reglan 3x a day before meals to help with the gastroparesis.  The problem is that I'm still having pain, almost on a daily basis.  My bad days certainly outweigh my good ones.  Certain days I'm nauseous and can barely eat.  Plus I have days of diarrhea, where I can barely hold anything in my stomach.  I should have followed up with my doctor, but I haven't had a chance.  I'm in nursing school and literally have no time.  Can you please give me some advice on relieving my pain?  Should I get into see my doctor?  I'm kind of worried that my pancreas is acting up again.  
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I would definitely go back to the doctor. That's some serious pain you should not have to deal with. However, if he can't find anything wrong, look into Celiac. I had pancreas pain that would bore through my chest as radiate across my back a couple times a month. I spent the night in the hospital on pain meds in April because it was so bad but the CT scan showed nothing and the docs couldn't find anything wrong with me. I also had chronic diarrhea and stomach pain. Two celiac blood tests came back negative but I got tired of everyone telling me that there was nothing wrong with me. I eliminated gluten and the diarrhea and pancreas pain disappeared.
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celiacs disease is something totaly different then pancreatitis.
if you have been truly diagnosed with pancreatitis,,and thats for sure,id worry about only that.
you might need to get on enzyme therapy...this will aid in digestion of food,and let your pancreas relax and heal itself!,,ask about enzymes!!!!!
also,,i hate to say,but there is not alot you can do for the pain.
i have a good friend with chronic pancreatits and he is always in a state of pain,,and no meds help that pain.
his only relief is not to eat for periods of time,and then start back with light non greasy,non deep fried foods....no meats exct.
just remember,,,its all about letting the pancreas relax,and not have to work.
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Could you also have Sphincter of the Oddi Dysfunction? I get accute pancreatitus spells. I had severe pain (in the same areas you've mentioned) & severe nausea (as well as vomitting, in my case). I also have the diarrhea (but mine is from I.B.S.) My enzymes come back 4 times the normal amount usually.

For minor relief, I take nausea medication (compazine/compro & dramine). I put an ice on my stomach. I've found large doses of vitamin C or apple juice sometimes help a little. Nothing cures it though. I have spells.

Definately go see a doctor. You're pancreas is nothing to mess around with & it only gets worse if you wait, I've found. Good luck & hang in there!
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P.S. I also take enymes (as the person above mentioned - enzyme therapy) - Creon (Pangestyme). Definately talk to the doctor & let us know how it goes! Good luck with nursing school!
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