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Pancreas problems after heart cath.

I had a heart cath done for diagnosis of my Afib. I chose to have the procedure done with no sedation. As the doc was pushing the cath up it felt as though he struck something in my lower right stomach area and my entire body jumped off of the table causing some concern for the nurses. Since then I have been having pancreas problems. Is there any chance that the pancreas problems could be a result of the cath? Thank you so much.
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Short story: After several tests they are telling me my pancreas is abnormal and put me on pancreatic enzymes. They seem to help but a diagnosis is unclear and I am unsure how long I will have to take them.

Long story: I was having severe stomach pains after eating mainly eggs and lettuce. I was on the Dukan diet so was eating mostly protein and veggies and non fat diary. ( I lost 59 pounds)
Doc performed colonoscopy which came back fine. Also performed upper GI that showed severe gastritis and a hiatal hernia. I took several meds for acid reflux but the pain persisted for months...so severe that I felt as though I would eventually pass out.
Next I was sent to another doc in a larger city who performed a procedure that I'm not quite sure the name of. It was similar to the upper GI but they went further now...I think it was a endroscopic ultrasound or something of that nature.
On that test they told me my pancreas was abnormal and I had the gastritis. At this point I had stopped the Dukan diet and started the enzymes. They have relieved most of the problems but if I don't take the meds I'm in pain again.

Thank so much for your insight :)
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What exactly do you mean by "pancreas problems" ?
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