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Pancreatitic Issue?

I was diagnosed with Spinchter of Oddie dysfunction type II but I dont know if it was just the biliary or the pancreatic or both spinchters? It took about 6-7 months with constant nausea and vomitting and greater than 80 lb weight loss before I finally made it to MUSC 3 years ago and got some relief. I know I had manometry and spinchterectomy but that is all I was told. My issue is that many of my symptoms are back (have been gradually or intermittently returning for the past few months) and I also notice this horrible metallic smell to my stools which are now non formed, and greasy looking. I noticed that the worse I feel, the stronger the smell becomes so it must have something to do with digestive enzymes and/or pancreatic function.
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Hi Robbins.  with sphincter of oddi dysfunction  you are at increased risk for developing acute and chronic pancreatitis I suggest you eat small fat free meals lighten the load on the pancreas I would start by asking your doctor for (enzymes amylase and lipase blood test)  . if you develop dark urine and pale stools or constipation and or diarrhoea seek medical help right away. always try get CT scan for the pancreas because it's better way to it  

I hope feel better soon
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not hepatitis!
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