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Anyone else out there suffering from Chronic (and acute) pancreatitis and/or sphincter of Oddi dysfunction?

Would love to chat about how to manage these disorders.    
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Would love to talk also--just posted a huge question.
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Yes - I suffer from chronic pancreatitis and had SOD.  Back in 2006 I had SOD surgery.  I also suffer from IBS.  Also, one doctor thought I had gastroparesis because I had an abnormal emptying study last year, but I just returned from Mayo and the emptying study came back normal.  Also, most recent doctor thought I had Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth and put me on Cipro for 8 days.  Now I don't know if the pain is from my stomach/antibiotics or the pancreas.
I do take enzymes with each meal, "when" I can eat.  What pain meds do you take?
Hang in there . . . hope for a good day!
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